• Marinated, grilled kale with paneer and Bengali style curry 12
  • Meeru’s Monarch Butterfly: ghee braised winter squash in saffron curry with woodear mushrooms 12
  • Papri Chaat – Potato and sprouted lentils, chutneys, and yogurt on wheat crisps 12
  • Beet Bites with candied walnuts 11
  • Garam masala sauteed portobello mushrooms in porcini cream curry 12
  • Samosas (potatoes, bell peppers) with curried chickpeas 11
  • Roasted, ground cricket paranta (Super high in protein and iron!), with spicy tomato chutney 10
  • Lamb-beef kebobs with creamy fennel seed curry 12
  • Chicken and vegetables sautéed in fenugreek with millet pilaf 12


  • Turmeric and ginger sautéed caulifower with quinoa and sprouted mung bean salad, and garam masala spiced Brussels sprouts 16
  • Kale, jackfruit and cauliflower curry with roasted almonds 16
  • Grilled vegetables on brown basmati and green lentil pilaf 20
  • Spicy eggplant and potato with black chickpea curry 18
  • Saag-paneer with Punjabi daal and chapatti 24
  • Vegetable koftes in creamy tomato curry with sautéed green beans 22
  • Seafood of the week in green onion, tomato and yoghurt broth 24
  • Marinated and grilled chicken in sour cream curry 22
  • Oven braised goat in fennel and kalonji curry 22
  • Garam masala and honey encrusted pork tenderloin with caramelized onions 22
  • Grilled Venison medallions on tamarind and date purée 25
  • Spice encrusted lamb popsicles with split pea and spinach mash and coconut curry 27
  • Beef short ribs in cinnamon and red wine curry 16


  • Rice pudding 7
  • Gulab jamun 7
  • Indian Custard with fennel candied almonds and cashews 7